Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Negative Space

Let's get personal, breathe in - breathe out, another day passes. Should I write in my blog, no, not today. Only have an hour, would rather take care of my body - work out, and spend some time with Family. All the while, being the bread winner right now with a nice day job, I'm a hard worker - got to, several mouths to feed, mine being the hungriest - always love a nice, warm dinner in the middle of winter. Several thousand pounds of clay wait in the studio for me to shape. Variations of dinnerware sets race through my mind, colors interacting, it's exciting as it plays out. Then, I fall asleep. I burn the 'midnight oil' several times a week - do my best work then, and good thing because there's no other time. I love to read the news, prefer the paper copy, love the way it feels against my fingertips, especially when it smudges, weird I know but even weirder I love the smell of the aromatic gasoline I fill my Honda up with every 3 weeks. I don't take it in too deeply, it's only 5 degrees out right now, and with the windchill even worse, but I love it here in the heart of the Midwest, the chill of the night over Saint Paul, the black ice I almost slip on, and one step closer perhaps tomorrow to sitting down and throwing some wet clay on my pottery wheel. I'm not actively selling right now, gosh who would buy in this market? Not me, especially for items like pottery or any art. We all take cutbacks, I expect to weather this storm and emerge with a lot of great pottery at good prices. I'm not going to mark down my pottery 50% anymore, not worth it, and in fact I'm ashamed I did it recently, really ate into my bottom line and my perspective, but good for the customer. I fear that other potters right now, perhaps more new to the arena will not survive this economic crisis. Even clay at 29 cents per pound if you buy it in bulk is a strong consideration to postpone for a few months. Onto a different subject, I've been working my way through the 1st season of 6 feet under, love it. Dark, but humorous at times, David and Nate are a real treat for my contemplative soul. Listening to Tegan and Sara right now, and "I don't even know you, and now I'm saying bye, bye . . . "

Take care folks and hope you'll check back again soon for a more coherent posting and maybe a few pictures too.

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Carter said...

I just left you a comment on your december urban experiment post. I am new to the pottery blogging phenomenon and just wandered onto your site the other day. I haven't gone back all the way through your archives but I DO like what you have to say. I can relate to the 'negative space' of the winter slow down despite living in GA where we have been able to run around in teeshirts almost all winter. I had seen your pots previously on the etsy site and found them to be quality and refreshing. Don't let the negative space get to you. You have much to offer through your art and through your blog. Keep up the good work!