Thursday, January 8, 2009

Electric Kiln Conversion

For those potters out there considering it after reading the email by Ceramic Arts Daily, converting an electric kiln - I tried it 2 summers ago based on Bowers publication in Ceramics Monthly, and in my experience it was a failure, of course your mileage may vary. I'd try it again perhaps but definitely with lower maturing glazes, perhaps on a low-fire clay body around cone 03-cone 1, might get some good action.

My friend Josh blogged about our experience here: - - Go to 2007 and page down until you find it. If you can't, contact me. That's me to the left after stoking in a bit of soda-drenched wood, nice haircut, heh?

All work in my Etsy store qualifies for 5 buck shipping. New work coming soon. After the fire inspection passed earlier in this week, which was a relief, I've been back at the wheel making mugs and vases. Firing in mid-stoneware range with a red earthenware clay, excellent durability for the clay I'm using. Look out world!

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cjasin said...

Hi there,
Please accept my apologies if I am bothering you, I am persistent. I sent you an email a few days ago inviting you to participate in an artist coop showing on Jan 30 at the Tease Salon we are putting the invite together right now and I would love to have this kind of medium (ie: your work, which I think is really sweet) involved. If not maybe a quick response of no and I'll quit bothering you what do you think?
Carol Jasin
Tease Salon
961 West 7th St
St. Paul MN 651.292.0029